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“A wonderful tale, riveting and bittersweet”  - The New Yorker 

“One of the 75 best business books of all time”  - FORTUNE

“A fascinating and important story” - New York Times

"A riveting American classic of independent brilliance versus corporate arrogance. I found it more fun than fiction." - James Bradley (FLAGS OF OUR FATHERS)

"Farnsworth is probably the most influential unknown person in the past century, and Evan I. Schwartz tells the fascinating inside story." - Walter Isaacson (STEVE JOBS; EINSTEIN; and THE INNOVATORS)


FINDING OZ: How L. Frank Baum Discovered the Great American Story

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"Finding Oz is a guided tour to the discovery of that quintessentially American dreamscape, the Land of Oz, written with heart, brains, nerve—and a touch of magic." - Gregory Maguire (WICKED)

“An inspirational tale” - The New York Times 

“An entertaining page turner”  - The Wall Street Journal 

“Meticulously researched” - The Los Angeles Times 

“Great fun”  - The New York Post

"As Schwartz informs us, Baum’s strange and essential gift was to see the outlines of myth within the machinery of the modern world.”
- The Washington Post

"imagine learning about American history through the prism of America's greatest fairytale. If you love amazing but true stories, you've got to read Finding Oz."  -  Doris Kearns Goodwin (TEAM OF RIVALS)


JUICE: The Creative Fuel that Drives World-Class Inventors


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"One of The Three Big Idea Books of the Year" - CIO Insight Magazine

"Takes us beyond homilies to a new level of understanding of how invention happens...a delight to read." - Strategy & Business

"This powerful collection of portraits is packed with lessons and insights... a perfect companion for today's and tomorrow's entrepreneur."  -  Eric Schmidt (Google)

"Charles Goodyear had it, and so do all of the other pioneers in Evan Schwartz's book: a rare degree of single-mindedness." - The Economist

"Schwartz's carefully researched histories reveal remarkably consistent patterns in the process of invention." - Clay Christensen (The Innovator's Dilemma)