Welcome to my personal website. I'm an author, screenwriter, and storyteller who writes about innovation and imagination. I've written for BusinessWeek, MIT Technology Review, and WIRED. Please check out my books, my work in film and television, and my journalism. Also see what I've been up to as Director of Storytelling at Innosight. I'm based in Boston, and you can contact me here.


Evan I. Schwartz is an American author who writes about innovation. He has written The Last Lone Inventor: A Tale of Genius, Deceit, and the Birth of Television, the story of inventor Philo Farnsworth and his epic battle with RCA tycoon David Sarnoff.

His screenplay, Televisionaries, was a winner of a 2011 Tribeca/Sloan Filmmaker Grant, which supports science in cinema.

He is also the author of Finding Oz: How L. Frank Baum Discovered the Great American Story, a narrative about the origins of a cultural icon, The Wizard of Oz.

In April 2007, NOVA premiered "Saved By the Sun", a documentary about solar energy in an age of climate change and rising fossil fuel prices, co-written and produced by Schwartz.

Schwartz is a former editor at BusinessWeek and MIT's Technology Review. In 2008, he served as a member of the Alfred P. Sloan Feature Film Prize jury at the Sundance Film Festival.

In 2011, Schwartz joined the growth strategy firm Innosight as its Director of Storytelling. Previously, he was Chief Story Officer at Walker Digital.

His feature in WIRED about space junk was selected for the 2011 Best American Science and Nature Writing series.

Schwartz has taught writing at Boston University and Tufts University.